The Lasts

I started out this blog with the idea in mind of writing about being a second semester senior in college and having no idea what I am doing post-grad. When I started, 6 weeks ago, it seemed like graduation would never actually come. But here we are. My mom is coming a week from today […]

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Just Another Transition

 Anna’s “The Moment” post on her blog inspired this blogpost. The only situation in my life that I can think of that would relate to Anna’s ‘Moment’ is when I said goodbye to my parents as they dropped me off at college and seeing my dad cry. My mom cries all the time. It’s kind of […]

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Why I Miss Barcelona Every Day

I miss the crisp, salty air as it came off the Mediterranean. I miss the sweet, tangy taste of the sangria. I miss the beautiful Catalan accent that was nearly impossible to replicate or decipher. I miss living in Gracia where families lived and children would run and play in the streets. I miss Pele, […]

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When I Thought I Deserved More

This piece is inspired by the class exercise we did in relation to the poem “The Afterlife” where we considered our own perspective and the other person’s perspective in a situation. MY PERSPECTIVE About a year ago today I was studying abroad in Barcelona. All I wanted to do all the time was be outside […]

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The Forever Friends

Sticking 15 girls under one roof for 9 months sounded like the most fun, insane and kind of intimidating thing I’ve experienced at college. Intimidating because I had been abroad second semester junior year and hadn’t seen most of the girls I would be living with in almost a year. But the second we all […]

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The Question

“What are you doing after graduation?” I had a lot of different visions of what my senior spring break would be like. I imagined lounging at the Fountain Bleu in Miami, or sun bathing at a villa in Puerto Vallarta. Let’s just say that’s not how it went down. I returned to sunny LA and […]

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